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Cultivating Connections

About Cultivating Connections

My name is Jessica, owner and therapist of Cultivating Connections. Cultivating Connections offers low-cost short term counselling through Hard Feelings Mental Health, a not-for-profit agency committed to reducing barriers to mental health support.

I am an integrative grief therapist, matching approaches to each person’s unique experiences. I come from a strengths-based, trauma-informed, person-centered approach, with 15 years of experience in the grief and bereavement field. Grief can be related to death or non-death losses (i.e. loss of a relationship, a life change like a job change or move). The grieving process can make us feel incredibly vulnerable, and this space is designed to be a sanctuary for those to be with their grief without judgement.

I believe in the power of connection: those we cultivate within ourselves, with those who have died, those we are in relationship with, and with the greater community. Therapy is a space where we can cultivate new ways of learning, thinking, and moving through moments in our lives. You are the expert in your life’s experiences, and together we will co-create new meaning and ways forward.