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J.A.G. Village

About J.A.G. Village

Jorja’s Awesome Grief Village (J.A.G. Village) is a legacy built on the strongest foundation of compassion, love and kindness. It is a space for honouring grief and our loved ones, tolerating the intolerable, and for collective healing. Jorja’s Awesome Grief Village (J.A.G. Village) offers grief and bereavement counselling, support, education, consultation and collective healing activities to children, youth, adults and families who are anticipating or have experienced the loss of a loved one. We understand that grief touches every part of our lives and is not a problem to be fixed, but love that needs to be carried, nurtured and honoured. Our relationships do not die when our people die, we have opportunities to continue these relationships into our futures, J.A.G. Village is evidence of this. Located in Clarington just 10 minutes north of Bowmanville (Ontario), we service Clarington, Durham Region, GTA, Nurthumberland, Peterborough, Lindsay and Kawartha Lakes by providing in-person services at our office, in your home or in the community.



Contact:Jodi Gorham
Address:7054 Lettner Road
Clarington, ON L1C 3K2