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Marida Etherington RN Psychotherapist

About Marida Etherington RN Psychotherapist

Grief & Loss Counsellor, Educator & Therapist
Are you feeling weighed down by the pain of losing a loved one? Or perhaps you feel stuck and confused by an event that has changed the plans you had for your own life. Grief, in its many forms, can feel overwhelming. Along with sadness, you may also experience anger or a lack of motivation. And, when it feels like the world expects you to carry on, grief can feel like a dark and lonely place. With 28 years of experience in healthcare, I can help you gently explore your thoughts, feelings, and physical symptoms of grief. There is no right way to grieve, and together we will find your unique path forward.

I offer you a safe space where you can feel comfortable sharing how grief is impacting you. We’ll work together to find the strategies that help you gain a greater sense of compassion for yourself and your experience with grief. From Narrative Therapy to expressive journaling, I am here to join you in finding your own inner strength and guidance.

Living with grief is not something you need to do alone. With support, you will begin to see that you can guide your journey toward healing and happiness. I invite you to reach out to see if we can work together on your path forward.