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Tamelynda Lux / Lux & Associates (est. 1988)

About Tamelynda Lux / Lux & Associates (est. 1988)

1) A CAREGIVER COACH is someone who provides support to caregivers and helps them navigate the stresses that come with their responsibilities. As a result, caregivers/carers are better able to make informed decisions to meet the challenges of providing care for a loved one.

Who is Caregiver Coaching For? – Caregiver coaching is for the caregiver/carer: the spouse/partner, family, friends. It is also for the professional: end-of-life doulas, hospital doctors and nurses, GPs/family physicians, community nurses, hospice staff and counsellors, social workers, social care staff, chaplains, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, complementary therapists, etc.

As a caregiver coach, I am a source of encouragement and will help you:
– find your inner strengths and resources and resilience
– lessen the confusion and reduce your workload and stress
– set boundaries
– navigate the journey to ensure you and the one you love is taken care of.
– be resourceful and strong in whatever that way is for You!

2) HYPNOSIS FOR END-OF-LIFE CONCERNS – End-of-life choices and medical decisions have complex psychological and social components and consequences; these decisions are often stressful and have a significant impact on suffering and the quality of living and dying. Hypnosis offers a way to move forward with less stress and with a positive impact on the quality of living and dying.

How does hypnosis help with end-of-life issues or concerns of the dying? Here are the top four:
>> Not Dying Alone – Feeling more connected to others and to a bigger sense of spiritual presence is possible by exploring one’s inner peaceful aspirations.
>> Finishing Personal Affairs – There are often outstanding past, present, and even future concerns like conflict, losses, and disappointments which can be resolved intimately and privately in one’s own mind.
>> Embracing Acceptance and Peace of Mind – This approach allows for creating a safe space with a qualified practitioner to talk about fear, guilt, and other emotions.
>> Releasing Fear of the Unknown – It is possible to gently explore intimate thoughts and guide one through a death rehearsal to help alleviate fear.

*Support is available for the individual who is dying, caregivers (informal/family/friends and formal), end-of-life practitioners (doulas, hospice workers, PSWs, etc.), anyone connected to the end-of-life journey.



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