Volunteers and Volunteer Programs – Bereavement Ontario Network

VON (Victorian Order of Nurses)

VON offers bereavement and hospice programs that are free of charge and volunteer led.

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Yvonne Heath – Love Your Life to Death

*We passionately support the supporters -especially those helping and caring for seniors- so they can be more fulfilled and happy personally and professionally.


Hospice Wellington

Located in Guelph Hospice Palliative Care 10 bed residence and community bereavement supports

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Julien’s House

Julien’s House is a charitable organization in Windsor-Essex Ontario. We offer a welcoming place where people affected by the death of a loved one can come for compassion and support throughout their personal journey.


Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support – Threads of Life

Providing support services for families living with the outcome of a workplace tragedy.

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